2 thoughts on “Brief Report on Gaps in the Knowledge

  1. EM waves profoundly affect innate immune system competence.Whether this is a direct effect, or a result of the innate immunity being ‘overloaded’ having to clean up the molecular mess left by EM waves cannot yet be determined, but that there are effects on the immune system has been known for a very long time. Olle wrote papers on it a decade ago, and my recent paper listed other sources of confirmation. The human immune system is widely different from any of the animal models, even than the primate models. Men get HIV, primates get SIV, for example. A pretty fundamental difference in response. So I am happy to accept that animal models may not offer results in concordance with human patients. Where there is human data, it should be accepted without regard to animal concordance.
    It is easy to talk about “volunteer studies.” Yet the mechanism by which EM radiation interferes with human biology requires energy levels just above thermal noise, and nowhere on this planet does such an environment exist for us to draw our controls from. A sensitivity threshold close to zero was was documented by William Bise in 1978 (he estimated -100dBm to -80dBm) and we have shown that immune compromised patients are most definitely able to sense levels around -90dBm. This is 10,000 times less than the EM Electrosmog in developed countries these days. There are no controls, and have been none since the commencement of TV and FM radio broadcasting in the 1950’s. So we cannot expect any of the studies, outside of those using Faraday Cages, to have given results indicative of actual human sensitivities. It is no wonder you see the studies as “contradictory.” I read the study methodologies, and reject most of them based on the researchers failing to comprehend the magnitudes of the variables they thought they were monitoring. So I do not see “contradictory” studies, just most that got it wrong, and a few that got it right ­čÖé
    I have set out the basics of the molecular H-bond interactions, and others have elegantly expounded the quantum electromagnetics underlying the atomic interactions. The mechanism is known, and when I put my mind around that mechanism I find that it adequately explains all that the patients are ‘feeling.’ One doesn’t have to resort to psychosomatic causation, the perceived symptomatic presentation can be taken at face value. IMO there is no need for more research, there is solely a need to sit down and ascertain the magnitide of the problem already facing mankind.

    Hope that helps,

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