Medscape Oncology: Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Maybe Yes and No

…update: in order to read full story it might be necessary to register as Medscape user…

Medscape 25082016Today, Aug. 24, 2016, website Medscape Oncology published a story about my hypothesis published on Aug. 8, 2016 in The Conversation UK. Medscape’s article includes opinions of two experts, John E. Moulder and Joel M. Moskowitz.

Here is a quote from the introduction of the Medscape story:

“…Does using a mobile phone increase the risk of developing brain cancer?

As many times as it has been asked, there is seemingly no simple answer to that question, as studies continue to produce conflicting results.

But the answer may lie somewhere in the middle between a yes and a no, according to Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, adjunct professor of biochemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland.

In an article on the Conversation website, Dr Leszczynski poses the intriguing question: What if both views are correct?

It could be possible that mobile phone radiation itself does not cause cancer but that long-term exposure increases the risk of developing cancer when other causes are part of the picture.

This hypothesis of cocarcinogenicity may explain the apparent discrepancy that has been seen in previous studies of this issue, says Dr Leszczynski.

However, two experts approached by Medscape Medical News were not convinced…”

1 thought on “Medscape Oncology: Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Maybe Yes and No

  1. Genetic markers for a higher likelihood of developing brain tumors could be a reason. Genetics can also mean someone has greater degree of protection from some cancers. This issue was one of the keys to understanding the lung cancer and smoking connection.

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