BioEM2016 in Ghent, Belgium

BioEM2016, the joint annual meeting of the the European BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA) and the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) will take place in Ghent, Belgium, June 5-10, 2016. I am in Ghent and I will be blogging and possibly tweeting (@blogBRHP) directly from the meeting. At some point, after the meeting, I will publish a report that will be published on this BRHP website as well as, in German, on the websites of the Pandora Foundation and the Kompetenz Initiative, Germany.

An interesting and exciting program depends in part on the planning by the Technical Program Committee (TPC) and in part on what abstracts scientists submit for platform and poster presentations.

TPC prepared 5 interesting plenary sessions. All of them are on topics important for the future of the bioelectromagnetics, including ways of use of the wireless communication devices as well as therapeutic applications in clinical practice. The BioEM2016 will open with plenary on wireless power transfer. I wonder why the word safe in the title of the session is written as – “safe”. Is there any uncertainty? BioEM2016 will end with exciting, hopefully, session on epidemiological research – it will be worthwhile to stay till the end of the conference.

  • A “safe” evolution for Wireless Power Transfer
  • Characterization and manipulation of cells with E fields
  • Can we induce adaptive response with EM stimulation
  • Need of a breakthrough in clinical application of hyperthermia
  • New avenues of epidemiological research

However, certainly the most exciting and most awaited session is the last moment addition to the program. A plenary session presenting the just published partial results of the US National Toxicology Program on brain cancer in rats. Some call it the “game changer” some call it an unnecessary “hype”… Kudos to the organizers of the BioEM2016 for such swift action.