Somewhat “happy” ending to the election scandal at BEMS

…post was updated and modified on May 5, 2016…

Today, on May 5th, 2016, BEMS sent out the message announcing election ballot for 2016. A vague statement that the BEMS “now discovered” the fact that election should be held and members should vote. It is somewhat difficult to believe and to accept that when BEMS decided to have no ballot, for the first time ever, that it did not occur to check what by-laws say about such an exceptional action. But, after all, some kind of election will be held. I call it some kind of election, because there will be only a single candidate for the president and a single candidate for the board member.


BEMS Election 2016

Dear Dariusz,

Despite the fact that we already announced the president-elect and the new Board member, we now discover that the bylaws require an election, despite their being only one candidate nominated for each position. We apologize for this error.

Therefore, there will be an election for both positions.

This notice is the announcement of this election.

The BEMS election will open 9. May, 2016 and closes 31. May, 2016.

Only paid full members (includes Emeritus and Charter Members) are eligible to vote. If your membership is not in good standing, please pay the membership dues right away to ensure you get on the ballot distribution list.

Student and Associate members are not eligible to vote.


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