Election scandal at BEMS – election by-laws were violated

In previous blog I expressed my disappointment with the recent “election” of new officers of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS).

This is not only my opinion that the democratic processes of election were violated by the current Board of BEMS. Reading the BEMS by-laws on election of officers of the Society, there is nowhere mentioned that the Nominating Committee can just select suitable candidates and approve them without election process – asking members of the Society for their opinion.

The pertinent part of the by-laws is as follows:

          Section 15.   Election of Officers and Directors.

                       (a)   Nominations.   Nominations for each office to be filled at the annual meeting of Members shall be made by the Nominating Committee.  Additional nominations may be made by record to the Nominating Committee submitted by five (5) percent of the Members of the Corporation.

                       (b)   Distribution of Ballots.   The Secretary shall distribute ballots and instructions at least ten (10) weeks before the annual meeting of Members.  The ballots shall not distinguish between individuals nominated by the Nominating Committee and those nominated by petition.  The ballots shall include space for inserting the names of, and casting votes for, write-in candidates.  A mechanism shall be provided to ensure that the votes can be cast anonymously and that all votes are counted and counted once.  Ballots received after the due date for receipt of ballots shall be considered null and void.

                       (c)   Election.   Directors and officers shall be elected by a plurality of the votes cast.  In the event of a tie, a second ballot containing the names of the tied candidates shall be distributed to all Members in conjunction with the annual meeting.  In the event of a second tie, the President shall decide the outcome by flip of a coin.

I am, yet again, calling for annulment of the “election” result that violates democratic process, rights of the members of BEMS and the by-laws of BEMS.

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