Leszczynski’s presentation at the EMANET2015 in Mersin, Turkey

Today, Nov. 13 (Friday), 2015, I spoke on wireless communication and health at the electromagnetics meeting EMANET2015 in Mersin, Turkey. EMANET meetings are organized every two years. The first and the second meetings were organized in Istanbul. This year’s, the third EMANET meeting, was organized in Mersin, a one-million-inhabitants city on the coast of Turkey, somewhere between Adana and Antalia. Meeting has a high profile, attended by politicians, university administrators, scientists, students, high school students and has even sessions for ground school youngsters. My lecture, lasting 1 hour + ca. 30 min. questions time, was the key-note presentation of the conference and was attended by some 1000 listeners. Very diverse and large crowd.

Slides of my presentation can be downloaded as pdf here (TURKEY Wireless Communication and Health Future of the Research and the Precautionary Principle) or viewed as 34 images below:

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