Leszczynski resigns from the Advisory Board of Cellraid

In spring 2014 I joined the Advisory Board of Finnish start-up company Cellraid, developing app for smart phone to measure exposures to cell phone, wi-fi and cell tower radiation. My primary reason for joining the Board was that Cellraid’s app seems to be an excellent, easy and cheap, research tool for any human studies (epidemiology or volunteer). The problem with all the epidemiology and the majority of the volunteer studies is that they do not have any real radiation exposure data and use only, better or worse, proxies… Use of specially designed smart phone app could dramatically improve radiation exposure data and improve quality of research studies.

EPI radiation exposure "data"

My role in the Advisory Board of Cellraid was to provide advice on the current status of research on the possible health effects of the radiation emitted by wireless devices. My appointment was pro bono, meaning that I was not paid for my services.

However, because my advisory role for Cellraid could, and was, interpreted as a potential conflict of interest, I decided to resign from the Advisory Board of Cellraid, effective immediately. I sent an appropriate e-mail to the Cellraid on Friday, June 26, 2015. My message was received and my appointment to the Advisory Board terminated as I was informed by the CEO of Cellraid.


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