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  1. Depuis mars 2021 je suis devenue EHS et ma vie est devenue un enfer car trois antennes relais pas loin de chez moi plus un aéroport qui émet des vibrations sur mon immeuble et impossible de déménager car je vis avec peu d argent et mon loyer est cher résultat je suis condamnée à vivre un enfer chaque jour

  2. That microwave illness was already detected in the seventies and that it has remained massively disguised and denied until right now makes things even more unsightly for the health authorities, the medical establishment and other influential social powers like the justice and the press. And certainly it better explains the efficient cover-up and freezing of the problem thanks to the powerful interests behind the (in)famous military-industrial complex. Your story only reinforces mine, that high technologies and the unhealthy environments they create have been, one way or another, a persistent source of health problems in different settings, both military and civilian, and yet they always get away with it.

  3. Yes SBS was grabbed by others, but it was originally coined in the 1970s in regards to the military personnel who worked in a specific building containing electronic, electric and wireless equipment who suffered a specific illness in the specific building. It was documented in the US DIA 1976 medical research. They knew it was microwave illness and they shoved it away.

    In 1980-84 when female bank accounting office workers began to become ill they blamed the fumes from the plastic around their equipment and poor air-conditioning. The inference of RFR and ELF exposure was covered up by them. I suffered microwave illness from 1960 and am in the third phase of the illness now. The three phases of the illness was well documented in many Russian papers back in 1950.


  4. Sick Building Syndrome was and is caused by a combination and coincidence of negative factors affecting the quality of the air in offices: A very important factor (besides tobacco, car pollution and bad ventilation) was the gases released by photocopiers and laser printers. These gases (odors, smells, fumes, whatever) consist of substances very irritant for the lungs such as ozone and dozens of volatile organic compounds that are released by the electric corona effect on which the machines work, the melting of the plastic toner and the heating of the paper plus small particles given off by the paper and toner. The offensive cocktails released by these two machines sound as bad for the respiratory tract as one may imagine. Before electronic communications became prevalent office copiers and printers were much used and they often worked the full day round, being placed among the employees who were constantly breating highly polluted air. Of course the problem of the ozone and chemicals was known from all the interested parties already from the seventies but it was generally ignored by the employees. And when someone raised awareness it was systematically denied and suppressed by the occupational health authorities and their associates. Too often people obviously made sick by these machines went through ordeals of ill health and social reject that are not te be described since the syndromes were denied and offficially allocated to malingering or psychosomatic disorders.

    In the meantime the machine producers, who knew well what was going on, introduced better filters and improved their technologies to minimize copiers and printers from releasing noxious gases, so the damages from the past to office employees, workers in the printing shops, school and legal assistants and others making plenty of copies, have remained disguised and unpublished. By now in just one generation noone knows or remembers anymore of that old health hazard. (Although when looking well there is still good information to be found on the occurrence of these chemical releases). Office employees face other risks now but mostly not anymore the above one. The effects of printing machines, particularly regarding excessive oxidant and nitrosant outcomes, might partly explain some degree of vulnerability to EM radiation from persons above their fifties: this is the generation who, for good parts of their lives, was much exposed to cigarette smoke and to fumes from printing machines, both of them damaging for the health and most prevalent in the ordinary, commonplace environments until the 2000’s. Another factor perhaps not to be completely disregarded now are Video Display Units, who released small amounts of ionizing radiation and were much used at short distance the full day through until the arrival of flat screens who do not have that same radiation problem. No doubt that health concerns are extremely complex and multifactorial, but the above comments might apply to a non negligible part of sicknesses and syndromes of officially unclear origin but suspected of being related to environmental hazards.

    The story repeats itself with so-called “non-ionizing radiation”: At the moment health damages produced by wireless technologies are systematically denied by the health officials and plenty of EMF experts and they get disguised as anything else. Again. However it is doubtful whether in this case the wireless high-techs will eventually resolve the present problem by exposing people to less radiation. For as long as questionable wireless is promoted against safer wired alternatives it looks more like the opposite will happen, and probably health complaints from overexposures to EMF will increase in the general population becoming harder and harder to disguise them. We will see what the future brings.

  5. I am not a physician-diagnosed EHS person, but a sufferer for the past sixty years as one of those military personnel who referred to in the US DIA medical document of 1976 who worked in specific buildings that contained electronic, electric and wireless equipment. The illness then was referred to as “Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)”, which was grabbed in the early 1980s when female bank staff operators began to become ill after installing new electronic and electric accounting equipment it was then demagnetised to poor air-conditioning and chemical fumes from the equipment.

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