Call for Research Topic Editors in ‘Frontiers in Radiation and Health’

As Chief Editor of Frontiers in Radiation and Health, a specialty of the Frontiers in Public Health, I am looking for candidates for Editors of Research Topics.

More information of what is the scope of Frontiers in Radiation and Health see the Mission Statement.


A Frontiers Research Topic is an online collection of articles that addresses a specific theme of research. The Frontiers platform provides a range of technology that fosters online dialogue around the theme, creating a community similar to a conference or workshop; it also provides optimal open-access distribution of the content from a dedicated web environment. Articles can be of any type, including those intended to foster debate and communication (commentaries, editorials, perspectives, etc.). With its focus on a cutting-edge field of research, built on technology that binds communities, the Frontiers Research Topic provides you and your network a high-impact vehicle for the dissemination of your research.


Frontiers Research Topics are open to researchers at all stages of their career, but the role of Guest Associate Editor (GAE) is intended for more senior scientists with some previous editorial experience. This is because the GAE, supported by a Journal Manager based in our Lausanne office, is directly involved in handling the peer review of submitted papers.

See here for more information on Research Topic.

If you are senior scientist and would like to propose Research Topic and become its Guest Associate Editor, please, contact Dariusz Leszczynski, Chief Editor of Frontiers in Radiation and Health either via e-mail (dariusz.leszczynski [at] or via contact form below.

Hope to hear from you soon!