Finland’s MTV Lifestyle: censorship does not exist – at least nobody admits doing it…

Today morning, before I published a brief blog ‘Why Finland’s MTV Lifestyle website censors comments with valid scientific opinions?’, I sent a complaining message to the Finland’s MTV Lifestyle. I informed that censorship is not acceptable and that I will post a story on my BRHP blog

The story was published and, apparently, somewhat simultaneously, I got a response from MTV Lifestyle.

As expected there is no censorship “…The fact that we are not publishing links/comments is in no way a means of censorship or directed towards you personally…”.

There was also an attempt to say that it was not MTV Lifestyle’s fault altogether, rather a case of misunderstanding: “…We use a commenting tool called disqus…” and “…As a media we are responsible for what is published on our site, even the discussions. The links are easily used as advertisements and our content gathers large crowds of people. It is nearly impossible to monitor what content the link leads to and therefore the decision has been to block all links automatically…” and “We need to check what happened here with your comment not going through, and also check our commenting guidelines to make this procedure clear and to avoid similar misunderstandings in the future. Again, I am sorry for this!

Yes, indeed, the discussions on internet can easily go out of hand. However, in this particular case I was submitting comment from my ‘disqus’ account with my full name and photo visible to anyone. Furthermore, after the unsuccessful submission of comment for the second time, I got in touch with MTV Lifestyle and, at its specific request, submitted the comment for the third time.

Conclusion – either there was involved censorship, but of course nobody in their right mind will ever admit to censoring, or extreme case of sloppiness and disrespectful attitude towards a legitimate commenter submitting legitimate comment with a legitimate link.

End of the story – my comment is finally seen on MTV Lifestyle post on EHS. Pity the “crew” did not unlock the comment earlier, we would manage without all this fuss…

Of course one can ask, how many relevant and legitimate comments are lost in discussions due to (non-existing) censorship and/or sloppiness of the “crew”?