Leszczynski will be keynote speaker in Switzerland

Swiss association Gigaherz will celebrate the 15th anniversary of its existence. On this occasion Gigaherz is organizing Jubiläums-Generalversammlung taking place in Thalvil (near Zurich) on March 7, 2015. Dariusz Leszczynski will be the keynote speaker at this meeting with presentation discussing the validity of the currently available science on cell phone radiation and health, in context of the currently ongoing WHO and ICNIRP preparation of the Environmental Health Criteria (presentation will be available afterwards here, on BRHP).

Post Scriptum comment

Following the publication of the above brief announcement, some ill-wishing comments appeared immediately on internet. Therefore, I need to mention the following.:

During my work in the area of the biological and health effects of cell phone radiation, I have always acted in line with the motto: audiatur et altera pars. It does not mean that I automatically agreed with the views or ideas of persons or organizations having views and opinions differing from mine. However, in order to disseminate correct information and in order to provide forum for the valid debate, I participated in meetings of different nature. I made presentations for the organizations opposing wireless communications, I made presentations for those supporting wireless communications. Whenever I organized scientific meetings I always invited presenters with diverse opinions, including those form the industry, to present their views and to facilitate scientific debate. In line with this spirit of open debate, as the only vehicle to of progress, independently of whether someone agrees or disagrees, I will be the keynote speaker at the Gigaherz meeting. Nothing more, nothing less…