Call for submissions of manuscripts to the first Research Topic in ‘Radiation and Health’

Radiation and Health specialty of the Frontiers in Public Health opened for submissions its first Research Topic:

Is Non Ionizing Radiation (NIR) influencing human and animal health by other pathways than pure energy quantum?

Topic Editor is Michael R. Hässig, University of Zurich, Switzerland

The effect of electromagnetic fields associated with mobile telephones on the health of humans, and animals is still controversial. The physics-based energy quantum (absorbed energy) approach was tested in several studies without clear results. Other influencing factors such as modulation, pulsation, and resonance phenomena interacting with enzymes or the DNA is on the current agenda of the research. Humans and animals interact constantly with the living and non-living environment, during which the individual tries to maintain its homeostasis. This happens, for example, when heat exposure through cooling mechanisms is controlled for temperature homeostasis. For NIR exposure, it might be a similar homeostasis situation: e.g. the individual tries to counteract NIR exposure, which affects its redox status as shown in several publications, by regulating enzyme activity, to ensure homeostasis of the pH in the body. If the individual can hold the values to regulate within the physiological limits, the individual will not become ill. If the regulatory functions of the body are overwhelmed, the individual gets might get ill. Thus, influences of NIR are detectable but no common outliner could be determined so far for almost all detected parameters. A hypothesis could be proposed that similar regulatory mechanisms might be involved in NIR influence on DNA and enzymes as it is in the vitamin D pathway. Vitamin D is digested as pro-vitamin D and processed in its active form under the skin under the influence of solar radiation. The NIR frequencies of cellular phone systems came closer to the frequencies of light in the last years. Therefore, similar pathways might be possibly involved in regulation of the biological responses.
This Research Topic is intended to discuss the influence of NIR, emitted by cellular phone systems, on humans and animals, by examining other parameters than the pure energy quantum – such as e.g. resonance phenomena, modulation or pulsation of NIR.

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