Frontiers in Radiation and Health: The Grand Challenge

The ‘Radiation and Health‘, a specialty of the ‘Frontiers in Public Health‘ published its first article:

The Grand Challenge: Use of a New Approach in Developing Policies in the Area of Radiation and Health

In Frontiers’ journals, publication of the Grand Challenge article is a sign that the specialty is formally open for the submission of manuscripts.

The Editorial board of the ‘Radiation and Health’ currently consists of 15 scientists:

Chief Editor

Associate Editors

The Editorial board will be still expanded to double its size. If you are a scientist, specialized in radiation effects and/or risk and policy issues associated with radiation exposures, and you would like to contribute, please, contact directly the Chief Editor.

The updated mission statement of the ‘Radiation and Health’.

Contributions in form of diverse scope of articles and suggestions for Research Topics are very welcome!