Smart phones, smart parents, smart kids and… smart advice

My recent column in The Washington Times Communities (to be published on Nov. 4, 2013) deals with smart phones and kids. My advice to parents is to provide children and preadolescents with cell phones but not with smart phones. Two aspects of cell phone use justify such advice. First one is that smart phones give youngsters access to internet sites with information that they are unable to process mentally. The second one is that cell phones emit radiation classified by the World Health Organization as a possible carcinogen. While it is not possible to prevent children from using cell phones, it is prudent to limit the length of time they spend using these devices. At least for now, when the science on radiation effects is still ambiguous.


For parents, who are interested in limiting time their children spend on the cell phone and who need advice how to do it and how to justyfy their actions, there was recently published a pair of books by Australian author Alison Wilson:

The books are indispensable for parents because they contain all necessary information compiled in one place and presented in easily understandable format.

All parents who would like to buy these books, either hard cover or e-book format, please go to publisher’s website at and order book format you like. To save money, enter saving code DAL10 at the point of purchase and the price will be adjusted by 10%.



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