BRHP shuts down comments

This post was updated. It came to my attention that, when taken out of the context, meaning of one of the sentences might be easily misunderstood. That is why I added few words, marked in bold letters, to avoid and prevent possible misunderstandings. I am not against comments, as some might misinterpret my writings. I am against certain kind of comments, marked in bold…

Recently ‘Popular Science’ shut down commenting on their stories. The reasons for this step were explained in editorial article “Why We’re shutting off our comments“.

I fully understand the action taken by ‘Popular Science’.

Over the years, having science blog and science column, I experienced first-hand problems of dealing with some pseudo-scientific abusive comments where commenting is limited to just few, often anonymous, persons. I do not feel that anonymous, pseudo-scientific and abusive/malicious comments in any meaningful way help to progress the science and very often discussions diverge to non-science, including politics…

That is why I decided, as of today, to shut down the comments on the BRHP posts.