The Truthseeker show on cell phones & health

The Truthseeker show on the RT TV will broadcast on October 20, 2013 program on the controversy surrounding cell phone radiation and health and, according to RT TV journalist Daniel Bushell, will feature interviews with e.g. Devra Davis, Ellie Marks, Bret Bocook, Anthony Gucciardi and Dariusz Leszczynski. The show will be available also on YouTube from Sunday October 20.

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  1. Biron, it is possible to speak about science in news media. It all depends how the issues are presented – in scientific or less-scientific way. Not everyone reads scientific journals.

  2. “Let’s stick to science…”

    1) Then let’s stick to publishing our material in scientific journals instead of sensationalist media.

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  3. Biron, lets stick to science and leave politics out of it. I will censor out all politics related comments…

  4. FYI Professor:

    Marne… [ non-science comment removed by BRHP].
    I’d like to know what she thinks about RT Truthseekers.

  5. Biron, [non-science comment removed by BRHP] Main stream media is indeed some approximation and it may very well mean different thing to different people. I present science column in communities pages associated with the very conservative The Washington Times. Some did not like it. But when I stopped, I got bunch of messages that were sorry I stopped… I do not speak about politics. I speak about science. The same, always and everywhere, where I speak or present my opinion. If someone wants to politicize my opinion then it is easy nowadays in open internet. But I have no control over it. Even if I would refuse to present my opinions when asked for interview, someone can always quote my blogs and columns or my lectures that are available on internet. One cannot isolate himself and insulate from those who want to “use” him/her for own purposes. The only solution could be complete silence, but then it would be not very good development… So, I speak about science and try to explain that there is legitimate concern about cell phone radiation and that scientific evidence that we have is not enough to clarify the issue…

  6. Biron,
    I am not braging but just informing.
    Mainstream media are avoiding topic of cell phone safety. In part because of corporate influences. It is topic that should be interesting to everyone because we all are exposed to cell phone and cell tower radiation. It is not topic that applies to any particular area in the world. It is also not any purely political issue. I was asked 12 questions to which I answered to my best ability as expert. Facts only. This was done via skype. How it will be edited – it is beyond my influence. After the show I will publish the questions and my answers that I sent to Daniel Bushell before skype recording.
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    Finally, there is The Truthseeker website in UK ( dealing with conspiracies etc. Do yopu suggest, Biron, that it is the same as the site on RT TV? I just got answer from the RT TV producer who informed me that RT TV has nothing to do with the UK site…

  7. Yes, to my understandindg it is *Russian’. And, yes, your quoting Moyhanin is fitting. However, it might be only our wishful thinking. Most recently, when listening to Republicans and Democrats discussing government shut down, one can wonder who has the facts right? They seem to be somewhat different depending who is talking… So much for the same facts… Just wondering…

  8. Is that the Russian news station?

    Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts. ~Daniel Patrick Moynihan


  9. Professor:

    Is this something to brag about?

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