Yet another shoddy EPI study on cell phones and cancer

Why epidemiologists, doing research on cell phone radiation and cancer, do not know how to design a good study? Are they lacking the needed knowledge or something else prevents them from carefully designing and executing expensive studies?

Yet again, after the disastrous Danish Cohort, we have to deal with shoddy design of The Million Women Study that leads to shoddy results and shoddy conclusions.

The only two in existence, epidemiological cohort studies examining link between cell phone radiation exposures and brain cancer have both embarrassingly poor design.

The two cohorts were established in Denmark and in UK. The original purpose was not to study cell phone radiation effects but other health problems. At some point in designing cohorts, scientists decided to ask questions about cell phone use and, on the side, examine brain cancer risk. The problem is that the questions concerning cell phone use were not well thought through. It seems that epidemiologists did not care at all about details of exposure to cell phone radiation. They just wanted to know it – “roughly”.

Read more in my column in The Washington Times Communities what I and other scientists, Kabat, Repacholi, Kundi, Armstrong, Moskovitz, Elwood and Cardis, think about The Million Women Study.



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