5 Reasons Students Shouldn’t Blog: #1, Public Reputation

BRHP comment: It should be rather “5 Reasons students and faculty shouldn’t blog”

the archives near Emmaus

A week ago Christopher Rollston wrote a blogpost titled “From Washington to Jerusalem: Personal Reflections on a Year to Remember” wherein he recounted the series of events that led to his forced resignation from Emmanuel College in 2012. Rollston’s troubles began with a blogpost on the Huffington Post where he pointed out how women are marginalized in Scripture. Although he was a tenured professor, who was both well-like and well-respected by the students and most of his colleagues, he found himself on the wrong side of angry donors who disliked his view of the Bible, and as we all know, even in the Church, money makes the world go round.

Whereas there had been an epidemic among Evangelical institutions of higher learning resulting in the controversial dismissals of people like Peter Enns, Anthony Le Donne, and Michael Pahl for things they had written in books the story of Rollston’s trials…

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