In Finland, government reform spells doom for the radiation research

Finnish government, hand-in-hand with the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), dismantled internationally renowned radiation research laboratory.

It is a part of the ongoing Finnish government’s reform of the scientific research performed at the governmental institutes to make improvements that would save money and streamline governance.

Unfortunately, as often happens, the issue is not so simple. There  are two sides to this “improvement” coin tossed by the government.

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2 thoughts on “In Finland, government reform spells doom for the radiation research

  1. Thanks Kjell. Indeed, how the implementation of new EU directive will be handled is a big question. It seems that some politicians and bureaucrats did not think this issue well through before taking steps to shut down the research. In the end users and taxpayers will “pay” for the delays and costs of restart of the research in this important area. Unfortunately Finland follows “bad example” of Sweden… Dariusz

  2. The same thing happened to the Swedish National Institute for Working Life. The government closed it in 2007 and with that all research on bioeffects of non-ionizing radiation. The universities have not picked up the part on occupational exposure and health effects. Nobody is dealing with measurement of NIR so it will be interesting to see how the implemtation of the EU directive will be!!
    Kjell Hansson Mild, former researcher at NIWL.

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