Conflict of Interest at the F.C.C.

Mr. Tom Wheeler, former Chairman of CTIA, was nominated to be the next Chairman of the FCC. He has clear conflict of interest. The planned revision of the cell phone safety standards by FCC is now in danger to be adjusted to the industry liking.

My new science column in The Washington Times Communities speaks about the possibility of, nomen omen,wheeling and dealing” at the FCC.

3 thoughts on “Conflict of Interest at the F.C.C.

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  2. Hi Darius,
    [comment partially edited by DL]

    there is quite some info about Tom Wheeler in:

    Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age

    Written by Dr. George Carlo. Wheeler is an 100% industrial spin doctor/agent, it is very likely he’d sell his own mother/grandmother for some financial/career advantage?


    Michael Heiming

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