Leszczynski responds to Kabat’s blog in Forbes Magazine

wrong link was corrected

I just published, in my column in The Washington Times Communities, response to blog by Geoffrey Kabat published in the Forbes Magazine. Kabat criticized me for my opinion on Danish Cohort published in The Scientist Magazine.

The Scientist Magazine opinion link (323 Likes vanished and counter started from zero…)

Geoffrey Kabat blog link

My response in The Washington Times Communities link

4 thoughts on “Leszczynski responds to Kabat’s blog in Forbes Magazine

  1. That sounds good. For provocative guest blogger, Mike Repacholi was a great choice. (I have issue with funding by industry of research (discussed in his blog). it’s like the tobacco companies sponsoring research on the health effects of cigarettes. It has no credibility, no matter what claims Repacholi and others make about barriers set up between industry and the scientists. Anyway, I look forward to your response to Repacholi’s guest blog.


  2. Melissa,

    The reason why comments are closed is logistical. If comments are open then people will submit new ones. However, it is difficult to require that guest blogger will for a long time follow and respond to comments. It means that new comments will remain unanswered, and likely people will complain about it too. I think that Mike has been forthcoming with his answers, even though I do not agree with some of his opinions. I thought to have limited answering period for all guest blogs. It is especially valid with persons like Mike, who stirr a lot of emotions…

    There will be coming soon my blog where I present my views on the issues touched in Mike’s guest blog. In this blog will be possible for readers to leave their opinions on Mike’s blog too.


  3. Hi Dariusz,
    This is off topic for this column but I wanted to make a comment on the Mike Repacholi guest column. I think it is terrific that you hosted a guest blog from someone with a counter view to many experts on the safety of RF. I’m here to learn and, like you, I also believe in an “open debate and free exchange of opinions.”
    However, I was disappointed when I checked Repacholi’s blog yesterday to see the comments were closed. I also noticed the Repacholi had gone once again through all the other people’s comments and put in a “last word.” As someone observed, anyone can win an argument when he/she gets the last word.
    Is there any way the comments could stay open? Perhaps, no one would add additional comments, but it would demonstrate the guest blog actually matched the value of an open debate and free exchange of opinions.

    Melissa Levine

  4. Prudent, moderate, objective – very good
    And who is now “passionate diehard”?

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