Guest bloggers are welcome

From time to time I received inquiries about guest blogging. Scientists and non-scientists asked whether I would be interested to post on this BRHP site blogs written by others.

I decided that it might be indeed a good idea and, from now on, and, from time to time, I will publish texts of guest bloggers.

The first guest blog will be coming soon from Mike Repacholi and will discuss the issue of the importance of epidemiology and whether we overrate the importance of this kind of research when we evaluate potential human health risk.

If any of you, readers, has idea for an interesting blog about science or understandidng of science, please, drop me a line at the to discuss your guest blog idea.

Please, remember that the blogs should be about the science, not gossip. Should not use inflammatory or offensive language. Should not be personal attacks of any kind. In summary, should be well ballanced and unbiased texts about science.


4 thoughts on “Guest bloggers are welcome

  1. Marne,

    Indeed, this is yet another attepmt to jump-start discussion. Though, following the responses from BioInitiative, ICNIRP and MMF I have doubts whether they will “leave their sand-boxes” and engage in meaningful unbiased debate. Seems that everyone protects own status quo and does not want to make any concessions or compromise or even discussion.

    Right now I am busy moving my household from Australia back to Finland. I am also slowly getting used to the idea that STUK will let me go because they seem to have no use for an expert who testified for US Senate or was in IARC Woeking Group. They seem to have an idea that anyone can “evaluate” science about RF effects. Experienced expert, like myself, seems to be for STUK bosses persona non grata… So, I am getting “used” to the idea that soon I might be simply “unemployed”…

    However, after return to Finland in early March I will write in The Washington Times what I think about the negative answers from BioInitiative, ICNIRP and MMF to my round-table initiative. All of them should be ashamed for the biased unbending attitudes. They all seem to just protect their own interests and, in the final score, seem to not care too much about the general public.


  2. George,

    Thank you for your positive comment about my blog and for your willingness to write guest blog. It will be an important addition to the public debate.

    Yes, after the guest blog I will add my own commentary. Guest blogger will receive my commentary before publication and will be able to briefly respond. This way I would like to start meaningful debate.


  3. Dariusz:

    Will you also include your ‘counterpoints’ if important in such guest blogs? That is important so that you are not ‘giving the keys’ to other folks without monitoring. The thing that sets you apart is your honesty and frankness. Everyone who writes will not necessarily share your integrity.

    If you are going to moderate on the page, I could be interested in writing a piece.

    Let me know.


    ________________ Dr. George L. Carlo Washington, D.C. 571-276-4000 866-620-4459

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