4 thoughts on ““The Round Table Initiative” website is LIVE

  1. Solveig,

    EHS is an important issue that is severly underestimated by the WHO and ICNIRP. Other possible ailments would need to be discussed too to find out whether we have evidence to support/dismiss the link or whether we need some specific studies.

    It seems to me that the general population, because of the lack of reliable information, tends to assign many diseases as caused by RF. It feels like any ailment around is “caused” by RF. It is not necessarily so and we should stick to the facts of science and, if we do not have sufficient evidence we should get it from new research and not assign lightly RF as causing any and every disease around…

  2. Solveig,

    My idea and initiative are not about giving more or less of influence. It is about reaching some kind of consensus on what scientific evidence tells us. ICNIRP and industry are “part of the equation” and they should be involved.

  3. ICNIRP is a private association for the mobile industry and should hardly offered any greater influence in the discussion of health risks. The precautionary principle must be assessed in relation to the increasing ill-health in the population not to research results

  4. Hi
    I think that the statistics on the increasing ill health in their respective countries to be assessed in relation to the research results. Brain tumor, cancer, EHS and stressrelaterd disorders, ADHD, extreme tiredness, worry, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. You should also check that the statistics reflect reality. In Sweden, doctors are not documenting electrical hypersensitivity.

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