“Puzzling” – New Book from NOVA Publishers

UPDATE Jan. 14, 2013 . I sent e-mail requesting explanation to NOVA Publishers. I did not receive response yet. Wikipedia has this to say about NOVA Puublishers – pay attention to criticisms


Just by searching the web using Google I found out that I am an author of a chapter in a book published in December 2012!

Editors Cynthia Kempson and Eugene Rahm published a book “Cell Phone Use and Health Risks: Assessments and State of Research” (NOVA Publishers). This book is a simple compilation of written testimonials presented before the US Senate in 2009.

I was never asked by anyone whether I agree that my expert scientific statement, prepared for the US Senathe hearing in 2009, can or cannot be just taken by someone and inserted into a book published for profit…


Are statements prepared for the US Senate hearings just a “free-for-grabs” for anyone wishing to publish a book and make profit?

Can anyone “buy” the testimonials and re-publish them for profit – because it appears that the testimonials are for sale by the US Senate itself.

What is more “puzzling, all of it was done without any consent of the author or even polite information to the author… Really “puzzling”…

Whatever the legality of this new book is, I feel “used and abused”…

Final note: those who would get the same information as in NOVA book can download it fo free from the US Government cerified site…


6 thoughts on ““Puzzling” – New Book from NOVA Publishers

  1. Hi Professor:

    If it’s in the public domain — you will need to verify this — I believe they can compile, distribute and sell it, just like the works of Shakespeare, Dickens etc.

    They probably cannot publish any pictures or charts, but your testimony is likely fair game.

    I don’t make the laws, this is just my belief in how they work. And I might be wrong.

  2. Biron, even if it is a part of public record, because it is US Senate document, it is not OK to re-publish it for profit, as NOVA Publishers are doing, without the consent of the author. I was not even notified not to mention asked to agree for re-publication… It is infrigement on my copy right… And Happy New Year to you, too…

  3. Happy New Year Professor

    I believe that testimony to the US senate is considered part of the public record and in the public domain. There are probably exceptions (e.g. national security) but I don’t believe any apply here.

  4. Thanks Q. And, no, I did not find yet new position, though, I have some offers..

  5. Hi Dariusz, your points were well taken. The final evidence for the safety of children is still out. It will take a large and long prospective epi study that nobody has the funds or the intention to undertake. Take care. Did you find another position?

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