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Recently some Finnish newspapers published critical stories concerning the end of the research of the biological effects of cell phone radiation at STUK (see links below).

Ended were not only the laboratory studies on cells but also the human volunteer study, planned since 2008 and for which funding was promised first by Tekes and then by STUK but which never materialized. This human volunteer study was to examine the effects of cell phone radiation on real cell phone users. It was to be replication study of the pilot study published in 2008 in the BMC Genomics journal. Since, this study was viewed over 40.000 times and remains the most viewed and most downloaded study in the history of BMC Genomics. The human volunteer study was not to examione EHS. Studying EHS phenomenon is, by default, strictly forbidden at STUK.

While termination of laboratory studies on cells can be understandable in situation of shrinking budget. Cancellation of human study cannot be excused. Epidemiology, that will be continued at STUK, will not answer the question of whether cell phone radiation affects human health. The last 10 years of the failed epidemiological studies attest to it. I will write more about this inexcusable waste of funds and research potential  in the “parallel universe” of epidemiology in my first blog after the New Year.

Here are the links to stories in Finnish newsmedia:

AAMULEHTI (in Finnish)

AAMULEHTI (in English; Google translation)


SATAKUNNAN KANSA (in English; Google translation)


TALOUSSANOMAT (in English; Google translation)

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20 thoughts on “Recently in Finnish newsmedia

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    through. And yet I enjoy this specific one, “Recently in Finnish
    newsmedia | BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place” the very
    best. Thank you -Emilio

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  3. Sorry, Dariuz, you had me annoyed and worried for a minute.
    Because I have Full Control over what happens on My website, (there are No adverts, and no sponsors, we are Truly 100% independent) I did not think about the possibility of not having full control.
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  4. Advertisements are not mine. They come automatically from the… I have no control over them.

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  6. I have seen you present at the ICES subcommittee meeting, as well as at the Senate hearing in Washington, and I know you speak strongly and honestly on what you know and what you see. You don’t shy away from truth. I hope you will be able to continue research on this critical topic somewhere to your liking very soon. And I hope you will continue to speak out.

    As for the articles you linked to, I have to admit that the google translations were more confusing than helpful to me in understanding what happened. I hope you will clarify and elaborate soon. But in the meantime, peace and joy to you and your family through the holidays and the coming year. And many thanks.

    Marne Glaser

  7. Thankyou for clarifying that. I agree, we need updated publications! Please keep up the great work and be assured that many, many people support your research. Thankyou for your input with the IARC and for advocating the Precautionary Principle.

  8. Book was written before year 2000. Published in 2001. It means that all research published after 2000 is NOT THERE. That is why I say it is OUTDATED. And nobody will force me to change my mind when 12 years of published research is “missing”.

  9. Dariusz,

    It took more years than I expected until STUK lost patience and closed your research department. They gave you the time to adjust your research projects in favor of the interests of telecommunication industry and their policies, but you refused to do so. Either you were blind to or you ignored the obstacles on the way to a scientific career in the area of research on electromagnetic fields. You continuously published results that challenged the biological safety of mobile phone radiation, and worst of all, you carried out your studies within a governmental research institution in Finland. Your results never matched the expectations of the telecommunication industry, and, therefore, you were fired. Be proud of it.

    The powerful telecommunication industry exerts its influence on the decisions of governments and governmental institutions for decades. The necessary prerequisite is to place as many as possible compliant “experts“ on national and international boards and radiation protection agencies where they have to prompt the governments to do what the industry is asking for, such as: 1) not to lower the present safety limits, although they have been outdated for fifty years, 2) not to introduce a reasonable precautionary principle concept requested by independent scientists over the same time period, and 3) not to fund independent researchers whose findings they defame as fabricated .

    In return for betraying science, these “experts“ are the only ones who still receive funds for the continuation of their distorted research. This is the major reason why scientific progress has been so poor within the last decades. However, it allows industry and policy irresponsibly to claim that further research is not necessary anymore. Dariusz, it is institutional corruption that prevents progress in the area of radiation protection. You are the victim of this institutional corruption, since you refused to become one of those “experts“ who do not shy from perverting science in the interest of the telecommunication industy and, of course, in their own interests as well.

    I am confident, Dariusz, that the better time is still in front of you. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and your family.

    Franz Adlkofer

    Click to access pandora_docu_harvard-lecture-extended-2012.pdf

  10. When was this book actually written?
    I know it was published around 2000. Given the relatively short time mobiles have been in widespread use, and the lack of published research, I would not consider such a book to be ‘outdated’.

  11. To Michael thanks for the link to michael kanes work which is very interesting as a historical filler. Things have changed a lot since 2001 certainly from my limited perspective as a radio amateur. Research into rf bioeffects although seemingly contradictory has served to significantly broaden our understanding of the factors that might hamper human health and longevity. It is only a matter of time before a tilting point will dictate a major review and change in policy . Uncharitable comments therefore are not warranted and I hope Prof Leszczynski has every success in his new endeavors and I would like to thank him for the contribution he has made to the world of RF bioeffects to date. Merry xmas and a happy new year.
    panayis zambellis radio amateur luton uk

  12. Hello Professor:

    This spiteful attitude is quite common among the anti-wireless activists. If you do not follow their marching orders they attack you.

    Even though I believe that you sympathize this much with the anti-wireless movement, I would never consider speaking with you in this manner.

    Keep your distance and keep your dignity.

    I hope you understand my longstanding disgust with them.



  13. Hi Dariusz, am always disappointed when research is terminated without a scientific reason. Wish you a happy Season and a satisfactory new job. Q.

  14. Thanks Gerd, and, likewise, I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas… Unfortunately, as you said, many “burning” questions were not fully answered and now only time will show whether it was wise to stop research. Hopefully it will not be like with tobacco or asbestos where after tens of years of “happy and unlimited use” society will realize that there is a problem… Best, Dariusz

  15. As I said previously, this book is already outdated… As to your calling me “industrial payed spin doctor” – I am certain that this message is to some one else, because it seems that you do not know the proper meaning of these words in English…

  16. Dear Dariusz, that is the spirit of time these days. Since the ending of FGF there is a rapid decrease of all EMF activities in Germany. Only the BfS is funding on a very limited level of means. The “burning” questions of the past – whether they were cleared or not – were not anymore in the scope of the public attention and therefore no means from industry or government.
    Nevertheless I like to wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year

    Kindest Gerd Friedrich

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