Review of proteomics and transcriptomics studies on EMF effects

New review has been accepted by journal PROTEOMICS. Its uncorrected proof is already available on accepted articles site of PROTEOMICS.

The corrected final version of the article will be published shortly.

From the abstract:

“…The World Health Organization’s and Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s “Workshop on Application of Proteomics and Transcriptomics in Electro-Magnetic Fields Research” was held in Helsinki in the October/November 2005. As a consequence of this meeting PROTEOMICS journal published in 2006 a special issue “Application of Proteomics and Transcriptomics in EMF Research” (Vol. 6 No. 17; Guest Editor: D. Leszczynski). This PROTEOMICS issue presented the status of research, of the effects of electromagnetic fields using proteomics and transcriptomics methods, present in 2005.

The current overview/opinion article presents the status of research in this area by reviewing all studies that were published by the end of 2010. The review work was a part of the European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST) Action BM0704 that created a structure in which researchers in the field of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and health shared knowledge and information.

The review was performed by the authors, members of the COST Action BM0704 Task Group on the High-Throughput Screening Techniques and Electro-Magnetic Fields (TG-HTST-EMF)…”

From the conclusions:

“…As yet, there is no convincing link to any long-term or short-term harmful effects of EMF from the studies performed so far, although clearly the activation of oncogenes would be a matter for concern. Independent confirmation of such effects using the same EMF exposure conditions in the same cell type remains a highly desirable first step in establishing whether such bioeffects are real and reproducible.

However, it is necessary to remember that the vast majority of the studies presented have been examining “acute effects”, where biological models were exposed to a single dose of EMF and shortly afterwards the pattern of protein and/or gene expression was examined. This experimental set-up is often very different from the reality of peoples’ exposure to various kinds of EMF, where they are being exposed over and over again in the course of many years. So, even if single EMF exposures cause only minimal, fully reversible effects like slightly changed phosphorylation of proteins, multiple EMF challenges might increase the risk that one of these changes might lead to an irreversible effect…”


Note: the review of the recent Greek proteomics study, that was reviewed earlier on BRHP, is not included in the above review/opinion article as the Greek study was published after the formal cut-off date for this review. 

4 thoughts on “Review of proteomics and transcriptomics studies on EMF effects

  1. The scientific studies on rf radiation are decades old. Both independant and industry studies confirm and reconfirm the hazards and adverse health effects. Are we all too deaf, is there comfort in ignorance, are we hopeless addicts to wi-fi? Have the spin doctors won? Those corporations in the wi-fi business produce amazing magical products, but they prey upon this growing addiction and our self imposed ignorance.

  2. Dear Sirs and Mesdames,
    In time you will find that these effects from these so-called Smart Meters and Mobile Phones etc willl cause more physical harm to humans, animals and all of nature including birds, bees, and even beneficial insects, like lady-birds etc.. This damned dangerous Microwave Technology is already causing more harm than you can poke a stick at. The trouble is that firms like Mota Rola etc are willing to prostitute themselves to make as much money as they can by skewing the science any way they want to; or in other words to falsify the figures for Filthy LUCRE or Profit.

    I say a POX on these people who are not true scientists, but are effectively agents of the DEVIL or LUCIFER, as they don’t really care how sick they make their CUSTOMERS as long and these crooked scientists and their even worse Bosses who command them to make false reports for the single purpose of amassing even more and more Filthy LUCRE at the expense of their customers !
    I say a POX on these Crooked Chief Executives of the Electric Power Companies and the manufacturers of these now proven to be Class 2B Carcinogen causing Cell Phones, and the Microwave so-called Smart Meters, ( read here dumb meters).

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