Apologies for sloooooow postings in 2012

Writing my weekly column for the Communities at The WashingtonTimes.com has taken severe toll on my time and my science blog BRHP “suffers”. However, I have not forgotten BRHP and the next post will come pretty soon.

It will be a bit off the usual topic of cell phone radiation and human health.

I will debate the problem of science journalism and blogging in the wilderness of the internet.

Has our hunger for brief information, already digested and easy to absorb, affected how the science is presented?

Is the presentation too shallow and too easily jumping to conclusions?

Do we have time to find all facts and present them in open, unbiased form?

Is the anonymity of the internet commenting causing that the debates of issues move towards “less” civil form and more aggressive shouting competitions?

About these and other, related, topics will be my next science blog.

Coming soon… to the computer next to you! 😉


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