• Did INTERPHONE commit…#3?

As I mentioned in my previous blog,I have sent a letter to Dr. Christopher Wild, Director of IARC, asking him to take action in the matter of two recent publications from the INTERPHONE project (see my earlier blog).

Here is my letter…

final Letter to Christopher Wild IARC 

…and here is the response I got from Dr. Wild…

Response Wild to Leszczynski

By reading both letters anyone can freely see and interpret the outcome of my inquiry.

To me it seems like Dr. Wild agrees that the publications coming out of INTERPHONE project should cover all the data and not fragments. However, he falls short of requesting, or calling for, any action.

Is this The Dead End and the current status quo will remain?

What it means for now, is that instead of a single study that would include all data we will have three studies – two of them already published, and based on fragmentary data, and the potential future third study that might include all the data. Such future publication has been hinted about by Dr. Cardis. However, what study it will be – meta-analysis? Because, if in the past, research groups involved in the AJE study have refused to transfer their original data to Dr. Cardis, then one can wonder why they would do it now or in the near future?

Unless, of course, there would be applied some pressure from IARC or from the entities that funded the INTERPHONE project – The Industry and The Taxpayers (EU Framework Programme).

What more, the two studies published in AJE and OEM, if not retracted, will be referred in the future reviews of scientific literature as valid studies and this will be happening in parallel with referring the potential future third study, hinted by Dr. Cardis. Is this situation correct? No, it is not. From the science point of view it is not correct and should be remedied by retraction of AJE and OEM studies. However, it seems that nobody has guts to do so. This strange situation can be interpreted as”permission” to scientists to: “split your data in two parts and you can publish three papers” (this is of course sarcasm).

Finally, and unfortunately, things seem to develop as in the old Arab proverb:

“The dogs may bark; the caravan goes on”.

3 thoughts on “• Did INTERPHONE commit…#3?

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  2. Hi Dariusz, this is a great post, science is so corrupted by money these days, it reminds me of the flawed maths in the Essex Electrosensitivity studies.
    Phil; Watts

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