• Yale University’s journal on mobile phones


Yale University’s online journal e360 (http://e360.yale.edu/) has published a story, by Bruce Stutz, about the mobile phones and health. I have been interviewed and some of the opinions presented in my Science Blog were used for the story.

You can read it here:  (http://e360.yale.edu/content/feature.msp?id=2300). 

The story very well presents the complexity of the issue of possible health effects of mobile phone radiation. 


3 thoughts on “• Yale University’s journal on mobile phones

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  2. I have similar thoughts. That is why I have last year resigned from SC-4. It was too much of conflict of interest for me when industry researchers (=scientists employed by the industry) decide there about the safety standards for the industry…

  3. Hi Darius,
    I read the Yale article a few days ago and sent my own comment to the author. A couple of the big “everyones” who do not want to see the research continue are the industry and military. Based on what I heard and saw at SC-4 a few years ago, very direct statements, the major industry and military players want the research to stop—a waste of time and resources. That’s not exactly what they say to the public.
    The head of the IEEE-ICES committee then, an RF researcher herself, appeared quite sure that RF posed no threat at traditional non-thermal levels, and this seemed to be echoed across the group. Her husband, an emeritus Yale physics prof, wrote me in a letter a few years back that he thought RF should be used to heat preemie incubators and that researchers who found low-level bioeffects and were concerned about them were just trying to make a name for themselves. He mentioned the frequent dishonesty in science, and proudly asserted that in all his years, he had never had to change his position about any important thing in physics.

    I’m not sure this is the mark of an open-minded science.

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