• New commentary published in peer-review journal

Peer-reviewed journal “HEALTH RESEARCH POLICY and SYSTEMS”  (HARPS) has published a commentary on mobile phones, from Dariusz Leszczynski and Zhengping Xu:

Mobile Phone Radiation Health Risk Controversy: the reliability and sufficiency of science behind the safety standards.”

The abstract and the pdf of the commentary are freely available at: http://www.health-policy-systems.com/content/8/1/2

3 thoughts on “• New commentary published in peer-review journal

  1. No one is addressing the noise pollution that the microwave pulsing from wireless is causing in our environment. The pure tones are a health hazard as confirmed by the EPA when they concluded studies for setting exposure limits to pure tones in work places.
    If they were worried about an 8 hour exposure limit then what the hell are are pure tones doing in our environment 24 hours a day non stop? There is no defense or logic to why this is being allowed to attack every defenseless living thing without consent.

  2. Very welcome and relevant commentary. I suggest also that a significant matter that blurs the vision is publish bias. It seems that studies that provide results that support the safety of mobile phones gain funding easily when others lose their’s. And how many studies are not even published when the result is “wrong”? This matter has been under lively debate in medical sciences concerning drug studies made by drug companies. They have even used ghost writers some of that have now been caught. How common an event this is when cell phone companies are considered?

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