• Washington conference and US Senate hearing on mobile phones and health

updated October 5th, 2009

For many years Europe has led the way in mobile phone research because the funding was available there. In the present situation of scientific uncertainty in this area, research community is hoping that US would get more involved in this much needed research by providing necessary funding.

In an attempt to provide US decision-makers with an up to date, unbiased, analysis of the research needs in the area of mobile phones and health, a group of scientists (I am one of them) has organized a Conference  in Washington DC, September 13 – 15, 2009. For the full schedule of the event see:


All presentations and discussions at the conference were recorded and are freely available on YouTube:



As an entirely independent event, on September 14th US Senate held a hearing on the issue of mobile phones and health. The video of entire hearing as well as the written statements of all participants are available on the US Senate Appropriations Committee’s website:


2 thoughts on “• Washington conference and US Senate hearing on mobile phones and health

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  2. Indeed, the Congressional Hearing was a memorable event 🙂 Please folks, watch the video of it, link above. I liked your comments Dariusz about a) mechanisms and b) guidance levels.

    Dr Siegal Sadetzki and Dr Devra Davis were also convincing. Jolly good senators Arlen Specter and Tom Harkin asked tough questions 😉

    Related media coverage:


    It will be interesting to follow-up what those consequences will be in the United States and will FDA and FCC start talking about biological effects ?! A historical document for them to look at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/10955212/Evidence-Against-Cell-Phones-The-Glaser-List . “The only mechanism is heating” Really?? 🙂

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